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Getting Started with Youth Programs


The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federally funded program designed to assist you with reaching your educational and training goals, along with paid and/or unpaid work experience, work readiness, and occupational skills training.  Eligible participants can be in or out of school/college ranging in age from 16 through 24.  If you think Youth Programs is for you then you will need to bring four of the following documents to your nearest office for photocopying, and fill out a Pre-Application.
Documents Must Be Available at the Time of Application. 
 1. Social Security Number 2. Picture ID
 a. Social Security Card or a. State ID or Driver's License or
 b. an application receipt from the Social Security Office b. School ID Card or yearbook picture or
  c. Tribal ID Card
 3. Citizenship    4. Family Income
 a. Birth Certificate or 
 a. Paycheck Stubs 
 b. Hospital Record or b. Employer Contact Letter 
 c. Voter's Registration or c. Welfare Documents
 d. Alien Registration Card indicating the right to work d. Social Security Documents
  e. Family members - for each family member living with you the last 6 months of gross income.
If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know. All applicants must meet WIA eligibility requirements. Applicants must also show a strong desire (need) for the training program offered.  Due to limited funds some applicants may qualify but not be selected.