Capital Region ESD 113
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Fees for Clock Hours 
  1. Clock Hour Fee = $2 per clock hour + $5 processing fee per participant. Example: The fee for 3 clock hours is $11. ($6 clock hour fee plus a $5 processing fee.)

  2. All clock hours need to be purchased within 90 days of the completion of the session to avoid late fees which are an additional 20% fee to be added to the clock hour fee. Clock hours may not be purchased more than 5 years after the completion of a class.

    Example: The fee for 3 clock hours would be:
    $5 processing fee 
    3 X $2 per clock hour
    20% late fee = $2.20
    Total fee: $13.20

  3. ESD 113 employees pay the full registration fee. ($5 processing fee + $2 per clock hour.)*

  4. ESD 113 official clock hour transcripts are mailed to the participants by mid-September every year.*

    a. If participants want an additional transcript or a transcript prior to mid-September, a $5 fee per transcript is assessed.
*Exception: By agreement with Olympia School District ONLY, their employees will pay
$2 per clock hour fee and a transcript is mailed to both the participant and Olympia
School District.