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Fingerprinting Department

Capital Region ESD 113 will be closed the following days in November 
* 26th (closing at 1:45pm)
                        * 27th and 28th (Thanksgiving Holiday)
Capital Region ESD 113 will be closed the following days in December
                        * 24th (closing at 1:45pm)
                        * 25th and 26th (Christmas Holiday)
                        * 31st (closing at 1:45pm)

Capital Region ESD 113 will be closed the following days in January
                        *1st (New Years Day)
                        *19th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Hours of Operation:

Fingerprinting hours are 8 am to 3:30 pm, Monday—Friday. 

ESD 113 does fingerprinting on a walk-in basis. No appointments or reservations are taken. The fingerprinting process takes approximately 15—20 minutes per person. Wait times vary based on how many clients we have waiting. 
 Arriving early morning permits plenty of time to complete the fingerprinting process. Please note that we take the last client back to get printed at 3:30pm as our office completes required closing procedures at 4:00pm.

Valid Photo ID:

A current/valid photo ID is required (driver’s license, military ID, passport)

Current Fingerprinting Fee: $75.00

Please be prepared to pay the required fee at the time of fingerprinting. We accept cash, credit/debit (Visa/MC ONLY), money orders, and cashier's check. We do not accept personal or business checks. If you are using someone else’s debit/credit card for payment, the cardholder must be present and able to also provide his/her own photo ID in order for the payment to be processed.

If your school district is paying for your fingerprinting, the following procedure applies: You MUST have a Purchase Order (P.O.) with you and your name MUST be listed on it, along with the correct fee of $75.00. If your name is not on the P.O., we will not be able to accept it, and we will be unable to fingerprint you. ESD 113 will no longer accept business cards or any other non-official payment documentation. If a PO is questionable or needs to be verified, we will do what we can to contact the issuing authority. However, we will not print until verification is done.


Digital Fingerprint Background Checks

ESD 113 provides fingerprinting services using Live-scan Digital Technology.  This creates high-quality scans of your fingerprints that are transmitted electronically to the Washington State Patrol and FBI for review.  Fingerprints taken with Live-scan are generally cleared within just 1 to 2 weeks.  The results of the WSP and FBI background check are forwarded to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Olympia and stored in their Educational Data System for two years.  Only school districts in WA state, WA state College / University Teacher Preparation Programs, Certification Officers & OSPI are able to access the background check results.

We are unable to print for any reason other than for education in the State of Washington.  Examples of those we print:

· WA State Certification Applicants

· Students enrolled in a College/University Teacher Preparation Programs

· Classified School District Employees

· Certificated School District Employees

Please Note:  Fingerprinting is required of individuals who have regular, unsupervised access to children, including those seeking certificates and those seeking certified or classified employment.  For more information on Washington State fingerprinting requirements, please visit:


Fingerprint Quality / Rejected Prints:

Live-scan is a great option for fingerprinting individuals with good quality fingerprints.  However, if you have worn/fine ridge detail you will benefit by having your fingerprints taken with black printer’s ink using the ink-and-roll method.  Should we be unable to obtain quality fingerprints from an individual we will send that individual to the WSP to be printed there.  The cost for processing fingerprints manually is $53.50 (collected by the ESD for background check), plus the WSP’s $13.00 processing fee (collected by WSP).  A form is generated by the ESD and sent with the individual (this gives the WSP the information they need and lets them know that the appropriate fee has been charged).

Please be aware, ESD 113 staff strives for quality control in your fingerprinting process; however, we cannot guarantee that your prints will not be rejected due to circumstances beyond the technician's control.  NO refunds will be granted.
Questions regarding clearance or background information can be directed to OSPI at 360-725-6135.

If you have additional questions, you may contact our Fingerprinting Department at 360-464-6709 or email at 








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