• Gravity students holding signs that say "I am Gravity"

Welcome to GRAVITY* Learning Center

  • *GED+ Re-engagement Alternative Vocational Individualized Training for Youth

    GRAVITY Learning Center is a school designed to reengage students who have left school for a variety of reasons. GRAVITY Learning Center staff collaborates with partner school districts across our region to meet the unique needs of our students and connect them with educational, training, and job opportunities.

    Gerry Grubbs Gerry Grubbs - Principal

    It is our commitment to get to know each student and work to meet their unique academic needs. Our staff realizes that there are many life factors that get in the way of learning and so we work very hard to help the students find resources and solutions so they can focus on getting their education back on track. Most all of our students are working on their GED but we continually talk with students about the next steps in their education and training. Our commitment is to treat students with respect, reengage them in the educational process, remove barriers and prepare them for the next stages of their life.