About Us

  • Mission:

    To ensure excellent & equitable education for all students through service and collaboration.


    Washington has nine educational service districts (ESDs). They were created by the state legislature in 1969 to ensure equitable outcomes for all students. ESD 113 serves the school districts in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pacific and Grays Harbor counties by

    • Helping them provide high-quality, cost-effective services.
    • Helping them provide equal educational opportunities for all children.
    • Providing cooperative and information services to schools.
    • Acting as a liaison between the local schools and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    • Providing local programs, as required by the state.

    Strategic Goals:

    1. Close the Gap. By 2020, students who come from low-income homes and vulnerable students within the ESD 113 service area will demonstrate educational attainment equal to their peers as measured by state assessment results and on-time high school graduation rates.
    2. Grow Our People. ESD 113 will proactively develop employees to support and fulfill the ESD Mission.
    3. Influence Change. ESD 113 consistently advocates for educational equity in our region and effectively communicates ESD solutions to address local needs.

    Cultural Beliefs:

    1. We Are Capital Region ESD 113 – I actively develop and strengthen internal partnerships to enhance a shared identity within the ESD.
    2. Partner Power – I lead, support and promote external partnerships that provide benefits to our communities.
    3. Own It – I am accountable for ESD key results.
    4. Courageous Dialog – I grow through pursuing candid feedback and expand our capacity by providing it.
    5. Can’t Afford Not To – I provide desirable services that my customers will purchase, saving them money and/or improving their experience.


    Capital Region ESD 113 is funded by the state Legislature, federal and state grants, cooperatives, fees and other sources. 

    Money from the Legislature pays for about 25% of state-mandated services, like teacher certification, and district assistance for fiscal reporting requirements. 

    In 2015-16, Capital Region ESD 113 received $612,112 from the state. Through entrepreneurial activities, we were able to leverage that money into $31.4 million for services to students, families, and districts in our region. Put another way, Capital Region ESD 113 delivered $50.33 worth of services to our students, families, and districts for each dollar we received from the Legislature.


    Board of Directors

    Executive Team:

    Compliance Officers