Center for Research and Data Analysis

  • ‘Close the Gap,’ ‘Grow our People,’ & ‘Influence Change'
    The Center for Research and Data Analysis collects, analyzes, visualizes, evaluates, and synthesizes both qualitative and quantitative data to better understand both achievement and opportunity gaps. By mining the data, the center enables those served to develop and grow their people, which will inform change to ensure excellent & equitable education for all students through service and collaboration.

    Dr. Todd Johnson's Interview Featured on Hanover Research Website
    Dr. Todd Johnson, Director of the Capital Region ESD Center for Research & Data Analysis (CRDA), was interviewed by Hanover Research, and excerpts from the interview were published to their website in an article titled, "Applying Student Data to District Decision-Making". Hanover Research is a global information services firm providing knowledge support to both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Link to webpage with full article & interview.

    Data Analysis
    Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has developed a system called CEDARS which mandates school district reporting of data for each student on a monthly basis. School districts use a variety of Student Information Systems (SIS) solutions to collect and report this data, with varying levels of efficiency and accuracy. Providing school districts with expert and timely assistance with CEDARS & their SIS solutions will be an essential task of the center.
    Although all school districts are required to collect and report data about their students to the state, many need additional analysis to help them make good data-informed decisions at the classroom, building, and district levels. Our Center for Research & Data Analysis (CRDA) will help make use of data through standardized and customized reports and staff development trainings.

    Project Evaluation
    Center for Research & Data Analysis will work with you in developing a fee structure system to meet your needs.
    • Data collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination
    • Data-informed decision services- consult on data coding, collection, analysis, and reporting
    • Independent evaluation of projects and grant-funded programs
    • Technical assistance and support for the design and implementation of quality real-time and in-field research in classrooms, schools, and school/district-wide entities
    • Develop and customize survey design, administration, and data analysis
    • Develop, implement, & evaluate logic model
    The center seeks to support staff, teachers, school, and district leaders to implement emerging, promising, evidence-based, and scientifically-based research into local, regional, and statewide practices while being informed by data in a cycle of inquiry.

    Center for Research & Data Analysis is committed to conducting high quality educational research that informs local practice. Examples and areas that the center has continued to support include:
    • Design, implement, and evaluate projects, programs, services, and systems
    • Professional development on the collection, analysis, visualization, and efficacy of data
    • Data coaching from identification to reflection using an inquiry method
    • Longitudinal data analysis and interpretation
    • Identification and articulation of variables for identifying students at-risk of dropping out
    • Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools Data Analysis and Interpretation
    • Reviews of literature for what works
    • Provide access and support in the use of student assessments for/of achievement
    • Grant writing related supports and services
    The center will provide consultation on research design, data analysis, interpretation of results, and presentation of findings. Center can also assist in reviewing, interpreting, and synthesizing available research on specific topics.

    Grant Writing
    Center for Research & Data Analysis is available for consultation in conducting needs analysis and feasibility for grant writing services with those interested in finding and securing grant funding.
    If you are interested in help or discussion regarding your research and data analysis efforts, we hope you will consider utilizing the Center for Research & Data Analysis (CRDA) for:
    • Data collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination
    • Independent evaluation of projects and grant-funded programs
    • Development and expansion of system capacity for grant initiatives and program development
    • Investigation of meaningful research questions for student development and achievement
    • Dissemination of key research findings and best practices to respective constituents
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