Traffic Safety

  • traffic safety
  • Capital Region ESD 113 Traffic Safety Education Program

    • To assist school districts by providing a quality, cost effective traffic safety education program for youth
    • To assist districts in developing traffic citizens who are safe, knowledgeable, and able to make crash-preventing decisions
    • Quality
    • Service
    • Cost Effectiveness
    Program Components:
    • Classroom Instruction - A minimum of 30 hours of instruction related to the safe operation of motor vehicles and traffic regulations in the state of Washington. This instruction is provided at the local high school, and may be conducted in traditional classroom face-to-face style, or through Washington State K-20 Network interactive video teleconference technology.
    • Behind the Wheel Instruction - A minimum of 6 hours of supervised vehicle operation in a variety of traffic situations and 6 hours of observation in the traffic safety education vehicle.
    • Instructors - are certified through the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • Vehicles - are inspected and certified by the Washington State Patrol
    • Special Needs - Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities are provided
    • Fees & Enrollment Process: Many districts use online registration requiring a credit card transaction.  
    The instructors will do their best to prepare your son or daughter for the evaluation process at the end of the course. Your student has the opportunity to meet those requirements and receive the approval necessary to proceed through the Department of Licensing drivers license process. Your enrollment and payment of fees do not guarantee a passing mark in either classroom or vehicle maneuvers. Our main responsibility is to the Department of Licensing, in that they trust our program to send students to the agency that are prepared to be legal drivers and safe participants in using our state roadways. Instructors will not send completion notification to the DOL unless the student has achieved the necessary knowledge, vehicle maneuvering, and safety levels in a timely manner as evidenced through their participation in the course.