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  • The Residency Certification is followed by the Professional Certificate, which requires the ProTeach Portfolio or National Board Certification.

    Capital Region ESD 113 hosts a ProTeach Cohort which takes teachers through the process of developing the three entries required for the ProTeach Portfolio.
    1. Who is this for? 
    2. What is in the portfolio?
    3. Where can I get help?
    4. What will this course do for me?
    5. Can I take this for clock hours?
    6. How does a Master’s Degree fit into this?

    1. Who is this for?

    All teachers holding a residency certificate must complete a ProTeach Portfolio (or National Board Certification) in order to receive their professional certificate. The state recommends teachers start two years prior to their expiration date on their residency certificate. This typically means a teacher who has been teaching for two to three years should begin the process of developing the ProTeach Portfolio.

    2. What is in the portfolio?

    The portfolio consists of three entries that will demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the three Washington State Teaching Standards: effective teaching, professional development, and professional contributions. There are twelve criteria which must be met within these three standards.
    The three entries are Professional Growth and Contributions, Building a Learning Community, and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. These entries are to include written documentation along with examples of evidence to showcase meeting the twelve criteria within the three teaching standards.

    3. Where can I get help?

    ESD 113 offers a course which guides teachers through the professional certification process and the development of the ProTeach Portfolio required for the Professional Certificate. The course consists of a series of seven half day Saturday classes beginning December of one school year and finishing mid-November the following school year.
    We meet a total of seven times. We meet one day (4 1/2 hours) in
    During the time between these classes we work together and communicate online. This is often the time your work will be reviewed and you will be provided feedback allowing you to edit as many times as needed.

    This time frame also allows for greater flexibility and time to work on professional growth plans throughout the summer which is required for Entry 1 - Professional Growth and Contributions.

    We will begin a new cohort in December. Contact Dawn Knutzen if you wish to sign up for the cohort beginning in December. Typically, registration closes around November 20 for the cohort beginning in December. You can begin signing up for the December cohort as early as May. In fact, many of the choice slots are commonly full by June. Ask Dawn for a flyer for dates for the new cohort.

    4. What will this course do for me?

    This course takes teachers through the entire process of developing the ProTeach Portfolio:
    • Understanding of the 12 criteria of the three teaching standards and how this looks in the classroom
    • Professional growth relative to the 12 criteria
    • What “evidence” means: what to include and how to format
    • Incorporating student voice in the evidence
    • Working through the writing guidelines for the entries
    • Understanding requirements for each entry
    • Full review of each entry write-up and evidence (as many times as needed)
    • Registration and submission of the final ProTeach Portfolio

    5. Can I take this for clock hours?
    You can receive 60 clock hours for a total cost of $130. Once you pass the ProTeach Portfolio with the state, you will also receive 150 FREE clock hours from the state.

    6. How does a Master’s Degree fit into this?

    If you already hold a Master’s Degree, much of the expertise you have learned and gathered will be incorporated in the gathering of the evidence for the three entries.

    If you are in the process of receiving a Master’s Degree, your work and classes can be built into the growth plans you will develop for Entry 1 - Professional Growth and Contributions.
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