School Improvement

  • OSPI’s Office of Student and School Success is charged with providing differentiated accountability and support for schools identified as “priority” or “focused”. As a result, schools are being held much more accountable in making sure that they are providing a high-quality education capable of progressing all of their students toward high school graduation and, ultimately, college or vocational training.

    In an effort to support each school’s efforts towards student and school success, ESD 113 works in conjunction with OSPI to provide regional support systems to the 20 identified schools in 14 districts in our region. Schools that are not making the appropriate amount of progress toward this goal are provided extra funding and/or support to help them incorporate research based best practices for school improvement into their culture.

    Services offererd include:
    • Principal Coaching
    • Data Analysis & Coaching
    • Leadership Team Coaching
    • District School Improvement Plan Development
    • Math, ELA, Special Education Support
    • PLC Observation and Auditing
    • Indistar Technical Assistance