Capital Region ESD 113 K-20 Video Conferencing

  • Capital Region ESD 113 can provide assistance with your video conferencing needs. Whether hosting an event at ESD 113 or at a school location within our ESD 113 region, we are here to help.
    Our state's K-20 Education Network and Zoom Video Communications has signed an agreement to provide a cloud-based video conferencing service to K-20 customers.
    What is Zoom?  Zoom is a desktop and mobile device-based videoconferencing solution that includes interactive video, audio, screen sharing, chat and local recording features. Zoom works on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS and Android devices. While Zoom is intended to be used on a single device, it can be transformed into a group/classroom system with the additional use of a projector, group microphone, speakers and camera.

    Zoom video conferencing can be incorporated into H.323 video conferencing units.  Here at our Capital Region ESD 113, we use LifeSize units. Our LifeSize equipment is HD compatible and very user friendly.  It can be easily connected with Zoom video conferencing to provide Zoom sessions with a pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera, echo cancelling microphone along with an HD connection to our Capital Event Center's conference rooms projectors, screens and sound system.
    If you would like to set up a video conference at the ESD, please complete our contact form.

    • Name of the Event
    • Date of Event (if recurring, give all dates and times)
    • Start and End Time
    • Special equipment needs (i.e., VC recorded, document camera, or laptop)
    • Number of ESD 113 attendees
    • Are any of the online attendees presenting at your Event? (if yes, this will change the video conference set up)
    • Most important: Who would you like to invite? Please include a contact name and email address for each invited attendee
    If you have additional requests, please include in your email. A confirmation and Zoom invitation will be emailed to you once a room has been reserved and Zoom invite set up.