Business Manager Academy

  • The Business Manager Academy (BMA) was started to develop capable business managers to serve as effective leaders resulting in sound finances for school districts. Rural school districts often report difficulty in finding local personnel with the training and experience to serve as business mangers. The BMA provides superintendents with another alternative. Through the BMA, the ESD 113 staff will train local personnel who are qualified, but perhaps not quite ready to take the job without training and mentoring. Services are tailored to the needs of the individual school district. Time is scheduled at each class for the participants to work with their district's information.
    Academy Outcomes:

    Your Business Manager skilled in:
    • Understanding and application of state and federal regulations;
    • Understanding of state funding and monthly apportionment reports;
    • The use of data and financial modeling to make financial decisions and;
    • The ability to search available written and online resources for answers.

    Business managers training is provided on a contractual basis to school district personnel. Continuing professional development for business managers is provided through the Capital Regional Data Center Cooperative (CRDC). Training provided by the BMA is designed for individuals new to the job.
    Delivery includes the use of BMA training modules, CRDC workshops, Business Manager Forums, and peer networks.

    The BMA includes the following:
    • Training, technical assistance, and support from qualified ESD 113 staff
    • Peer grouping with other business managers in the region
    • Approximately 30 weekly sessions consisting of theory and background; current topics; and hands on work
    • Technology support for the purposes of reviewing resources and accessing district records for hands-on work sessions
    • Each session should allow participants the opportunity to get current work completed in a supportive learning environment