eVAL Washington

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  • What is eVAL? eVAL is a web-based tool developed in partnership between the Washington Education Association, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Educational Service District. This free resource is currently in the first year of use as a pilot, within the Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot districts. eVAL is available to any district in Washington State who wishes to use it as a support to their principal and teacher evaluation practices.

    Is the use of eVAL required? No. The use of eVAL is voluntary.

    Is eVAL secure? Yes. The data is stored in a secure data facility. Best practices regarding data backup and security are followed, with extremely limited access provided both physically and virtually to the website servers.

    Will evaluation data stored in eVAL be publicly available? No. Evaluations and other evaluation related data can only be accessed by users with permission to view the website. The website is not publicly accessed via the web. Users of the website are directed to eVAL from a second website that manages the roles and permissions of eVAL users.

    If eVAL is provided by the State of Washington, does that mean state officials can view my evaluations? No. Only certain school and district leaders can view the contents of evaluations in eVAL. At the end of each year district officials submit a report to the state, which only contains the number of teachers and principals in each of four levels of proficiency.