Regional Committee - School District Reorganization

  • Regional Committee
    Pursuant to Chapter 28A.315 RCW, the Regional Committee holds public hearings regarding petitions to transfer territory from one school district to another. ESD staff provide research and assistance to the citizen committee at no cost.
    In addition, the Regional Committee acts on proposals for the dissolution and annexation of a school district; and referrals to resolve issues related to capital fund aid by non-high school districts pursuant to Chapter 28A.540 RCW.
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    School District Boundaries

    Pursuant to RCW 28A.310.200 (5) the ESD maintains a full and correct transcript of the boundaries of the 44 school districts within the service region. In accordance with RCW 28A.315.065, District boundary changes – Submission to county auditor, it is the ESD’s responsibility to submit any boundary changes to the county auditor within 30 days after the changes have been approved. You may also need to reference 28A.315.075.

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    School Director Districts

    Pursuant to Chapter 28A.343 RCW, the ESD provides technical assistance to school districts in changing the configuration of school directors and rebalancing the boundaries of the director districts.