• Washington’s new dyslexia law takes effect in the 2018–19 school year. Are you ready? 

    School districts that screen students for indicators of dyslexia must now report annually, by student group, the number of students they screen and their grade levels.

    By school year 2021–22, school districts must use evidence-based, multi-tiered systems of support to help students in kindergarten through 2nd grade who show signs of dyslexia.

    Educators who provide this help must be trained in methods that target students’ identified needs.

    We can help.


    Capital Region ESD 113 has support options:

    1. We can come to your district to coach your teachers, individually or as a group.
    2. At the ESD
    • We facilitate a dyslexia leadership cohort of teachers who meet 4 times per year.
    • We host monthly 6-hour dyslexia classes on the elements of Structured Literacy Instruction

    Dyslexia & Structured Literacy Courses


    January 16 — Syllabification & Orthography (event # 73681)

    • The 6 syllable types, the 4 ways to divide words into syllables in order of commonality, and historical & linguistic explanations for how syllables are spelled 

    February 13 — Morphology (event # 73682)

    • Historical & semantic connections among words evident through morphological structure 

    March 13 — Syntax & Fluency (event # 73683)

    • Basic grammatical terms and a complex understanding of phrases and their role in reading fluency & comprehension

    April 17 — Semantics & Fluency (event # 73684)

    • Expanding students’ vocabulary knowledge through creating webs, making connections of meaning, and understanding the role of context

    Sign up for 4 classes, get the 5th one free! Dianna Avery for details.