Activities the Family Can Enjoy

Boys playing with a garden hose

It may not be summer but there will still be some days when water activities will be appreciated.  Here are a few a family can enjoy:

5 Fun and Easy Backyard Water Games

by Eboni PaceMay 22, 2020

Marco Polo, But on Land: 3+ players

  • Supplies: water hose with nozzle and blindfold
  • How to play: One person stands still with eyes blindfolded and tries to tag friends with the water hose without moving feet, calling “Marco!”. Other players yell “Polo!” to reveal where they are, while trying to avoid being tagged by the water hose.
  • Pro-tip: Time each person in the middle to make sure all kids get a chance to be “it.”

Water Balloon Toss: 2+ players

  • Supplies: water balloons and water
  • How to play: Begin standing as close as possible. The first player passes the water balloon to his/her teammate and back. Once the first player has the balloon in hand, the teammate takes one step back. Keep moving further apart and tossing until the balloon pops.

Jump Cup: 3+ players

  • Supplies: Plastic cup, water, and jump rope
  • How to play: Fill plastic cup with water. Each player gets a turn jumping rope 10 times. The winner is the person with the most water in their cup after their turn.
  • Note: See who can jump the fastest or the slowest…. There will be plenty of splashing!

DIY Water Blaster:

  • Supplies: Empty 2L plastic soda bottle and water hose
  • How to play: Poke multiple holes in the plastic bottle. Attach to a water hose and turn on full blast!

Deep Sea Diving:

  • Supplies: Kiddie pool (shallow pool) and waterproof toys
  • How to play: Fill up the pool with water and toys. Players must clean out the pool using any body part EXCEPT their hands.

Handprint Apple Tree:

Many of you plan a Fall or an Apples theme for September.  Here’s a fun, self-explanitory activity focusing on apples.  Families will just need some sturdy painting paper, and tempera paints.

This article was contributed by Mary Perkins for the Early Childhood Express newsletter.