Black History Month: Connecting to Community Voices for Social Change

Black History Month banner

Black History Month creates a wonderful opportunity for ESD 113 colleagues to continue expressing our goals to close gaps,  grow people, influence change, and eradicate racism. Our focus this month is to Amplify Social Change Through the Power of Voice. A critical part of our success is our ability to connect with our community, share joy, and show up with our support. Here are upcoming opportunities I would like to share with you to forge connection:

-February 16: Virtual Community Lecture–Dr. Sylvian A. Diouf (1 pm–2:30 pm)

Dr. Diouf is a visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice at Brown University. Her work, Slavery’s Exiles, focuses on African American freedom communities who resisted enslavement across the US South. Her lecture will provide an overview of her research–educating communities on the history of Black American maroon communities and their historical significance in the effort for racial justice.

February 17: Washington Center Community Keynote– Dr. Joy Gruy (6 pm–8:30 pm)

The Washington Center is proud to host Dr. Gruy for a community keynote address promoting health and mental wellness. Her address, “Steps to Healing and Mental Wellness within the Black Community,” invites all practitioners and community health professionals to consider tangible actions to provide equity in mental health care for Black communities.

February 18: Community Healing Series, hosted by Dr. Breyan Haizlip (12:30 pm–2:30 pm)

ASHHO Community Cultural Center is delighted to continue its Sacred Saturday workshop series facilitated by “Dr. Bree,” an award-winning therapist focused on growing capacity in community healing. On February 18, community members are invited to gather at ASHHO for a workshop on “Boundaries & Bliss,” meditating on growing skills in effective communication with personal relationships. 

February 18: Community Celebration Event–The Olympia Center (11 am–3 pm)

Join fellow community members downtown at The Olympia Center for connection and fun: Celebrate Black History Month through festivities, food, and games. Support local BIPOC businesses by getting acquainted with community-based organizations, restaurants, and resources.