Block Fest Event Available Through Child Care Action Council

Small boy playing with wooden blocks

Block Fest is an interactive early STEM exhibit that individuals or groups can reserve through the Child Care Action Council. The exhibit helps young children gain social skills and early numeracy—all while providing an incredibly fun afternoon for children and caregivers alike. 

How it works: Block Fest has five stations each with a different type of block (including wooden, foam, large cardboard “bricks”, KEVA planks, and small colored cubes) for children to interact with. Parents and their children rotate through the exhibit in groups. Parents are given an informational booklet about block play and child development to use while they are at Block Fest. Families can go through the exhibit in about an hour, but can rotate through at their leisure.

Space requirements: School gyms or cafeterias are perfect spaces, although smaller spaces can also be utilized. Each station sits on an 8 ft x 10 ft mat, and a few feet buffer around each mat is ideal. If necessary or appropriate, fewer or smaller stations can be used—for example, an event catering to parents of infants could utilize only the foam blocks.

Volunteer requirements: A total of 6 volunteers are recommended for the complete exhibit. One person organizes registration and helps parents sign in, and one volunteer stays at each of the five stations.

Cost: The base fee for rental of all equipment is $75.00. If transportation of equipment is required then there will be an additional cost, and a coordinator fee will be assessed when Child Care Action Council arranges your event.

For more information on Block Fest, or to host an event, visit the Child Care Action Council website.