Capital Region ESD 113 Leader U Boot Camp

Adults in a seminar

Because leadership development should not be left to chance!

“Here are the keys, good luck!” Does this sound familiar? Many new leaders fail to translate their prior success to new opportunities, because they enter a system that is not prepared to support them. This is especially true in Educational Service Districts where leaders  manage people, programs, and budgets while also supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

Capital Region ESD 113 created a three-day training called Leader U Boot Camp. Its purpose is to optimize the knowledge, skills, abilities AND confidence of our agency’s current and future leaders.

One of the greatest benefits of Leader U has been creating a shared and engaging experience. Our leaders inspire their teams to follow assuring the sustainability of our
high-quality programs and services.

Capital Region ESD 113 is proud to announce the most recent graduates of Leader U Boot Camp.    

  • Chris Doll, Director-Special Education
  • Sara Ellsworth, Regional Administrator for Behavioral Health and Integrated Student Supports
  • Jen Flo, Regional Administrator for Teaching and Learning
  • Trasi Fugate, Early Learning Center Director II
  • Teresa Huster, Early Learning Center Director II
  • Roger Lange, Early Learning Transportation Coordinator
  • Kim Pearson, Early Learning Fiscal Coordinator
  • Barb Peoples, Health Services Manager
  • Melanie Scrivner, Early Learning Center Director II
  • Avis Shrestha, Early Learning ECEAP Partnership Coordinator
  • Cherrie Thomas, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent