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Helping Children Handle Their Grief

Sad little girl leaning on a fence

"Two of the best-kept secrets of the twentieth century are that everyone suffers and that suffering can be used for growth.”  Lawrence LeShan.

We’re a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and I...

March Activities!

Little boy playing with play doh

Capturing the March Wind!

  • Collect empty paper towel tubes
  • Provide paint and brushes, glue, staplers, tissue paper or crepe paper for streamers. The skills of the...

Partnering Up for Success

Woman talking to other people on videoconference

The kids who are coming aren’t ready!” I’ve heard it over and over from primary teachers and principals.  While it’s easy to cast blame for children not being...

Making a Mold Terrarium

Mold growing in Petri dishes.

Mold is that fuzzy stuff growing on the food in your refrigerator. Making a mold terrarium is a fun way to teach children about things that don’t grow from seeds (molds grow from spores), what...

Early Childhood Express January 2021

Two children play with fake snow

In case you need to hear it:

Your students are not falling behind. They are surviving a pandemic.
Educators: You are not behind. You are also surviving a pandemic!
And THANK YOU for...

Early Childhood Winter Activities

Winter portrait of happy child

Imagine my pleasure to discover that the Perpetual Preschool website still exists. Here’s an activity I used when I discovered the website long, long ago!

You can have a snowman...

Focusing on Early Mathematical Thinking

Young woman and little girl with autism playing at home

Whether they’re in preschool, child care or at home, much mathematical learning takes place in children between the ages of two and five years.  They become interested in numbers (How many...

Early Childhood Express December 2020

Child catching snowflakes on their tongue

Oh, just as I was sitting down to write about thankfulness, John Denver came on my television singing Farewell Andromeda. What memories that brings back! For ages it was my go-to morning...