ACE Strategies and Beyond

Teacher and children in class

May 4, 2020

9:00 am – 4:00 pm



Donna’s Patchwork Quilt of Ideas to Ponder

The PATCHWORK QUILT represents original presentations developed by presenter Donna McPeak to help open the eyes of educators in this challenging 21st century.

The Quilt is composed of 16 patches. The purpose of visiting each patch is to provide information in a 15 minute summary of the theme of the full presentation that the patch represents. Some of the patches focus on evaluating one’s MINDSET in the field of education. The other patches focus on developing STRATEGIES needed to help meet the children’s needs. Is there a connection between MINDSET and STRATEGIES? Is one dependent on the other? Which comes first?

  • ACE pt. 1 – This workshop will focus on introducing the audience to the term “ACE”, along with providing a brief medical background to this issue.
  • Know your Triggers in Order to Help Students with their Triggers – This workshop will focus on Preventing Behaviors before they start.
  • The Whys of Behavior – This workshop will focus on explaining in detail the 4 main FUNCTIONS of Behavior: Sensory, Attention, Escape, Access to items or persons or activities.
  • Blueprint for PBIS Classroom – This workshop will focus on explaining in detail the three Tiers (PBIS).
  • What Dog Did You Have in the Fight Today? – Being able to answer this question, “What Dog Did You Have in the Fight Today?” is powerful.
  • We Are Family – This workshop will focus on the part of the adults play in the classroom as it relates to creating the CULTURE of a family in the classroom.
  • Trauma Sensitivity is Not Just for Elementary Schools – This workshop will highlight the action steps that many schools have taken as they move towards being Trauma-Informed.
  • A Child is Not Motivated, What Am I Expected To Do About It? – This workshop will focus on the 6 researched Types of Motivation.
  • Hear Me, See Me, Before You Try to Change Me! – This workshop will highlight many points of interests from the book “Help for Billy” by Heather Forbes.
  • and more!


  • Elementary Principals
  • Middle School Principals
  • High School Principals
  • Teachers
  • Special Education


Donna McPeak – founder Peaks Solutions LLC

An educator with over 40 yrs. with unique experiences. Donna has teaching experiences in the Private, Public, and University settings. Donna has actively taught for 45 of her 48 years in education. Donna has always recognized the importance of meeting the needs of struggling children.

Donna’s Education focus has always been directed to all students that struggle with  Behavior Disorders and Trauma.

In 2014 Donna was presented with the Champions for Kids award from the Thurston and Mason Counties for her work with all students, General Education and Special Education.


Date: May 4, 2020

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Capital Region ESD 113 (6005 Tyee Dr SW, Tumwater, WA 98512)

Cost: FREE