Engaging in Argument from Evidence for K-12 Teachers

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On-demand course beginning September 1, 2020!



This — free, on-demand — Canvas Course provides K – 12 teachers with strategies and tools to support a shift in teacher-centered discussions towards a student-centered whole-class discourse. Teachers may proceed through each course at this course at their own pace.

Join us as we explore one of the Next Generation Science Standards’ (NGSS) Science and Engineering Practice of Engaging in Argument from Evidence.

This practice can be done in any grade level and with any content focus. For our purposes, we will choose climate science as a vehicle for conducting a student-centered whole-class discourse.

Strategies for in-class and remote learning are provided.

6 STEM Clock Hours are available.


K-12 teachers


Scott Killough


Date: Begins September 1, 2020

Cost: Free