Computational Thinking Foundations for Elementary

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Foundational Course in Computational Thinking, designed for Elementary teachers!



Computational Thinking (CT) is a foundational element of problem-solving, which is “fundamentally about using analytic and algorithmic concepts and strategies most closely related to formulate, analyze and solve problems.” CT is essential to developing computer artifacts and can be used to support all disciplines, including math, science, and the humanities.

This course aims to increase knowledge of Computational Thinking (CT) and provide examples of how CT integrates into your classes.  As a foundation course, there is no requirement for experience using technology, as the concepts will prepare you for this integration. All lessons and activities analyzed and designed in this course can be unplugged.

Participants will reflect on their current practice and how to integrate computational thinking. Each module includes information to read/watch, discussion questions, reflection on the uses of concepts, and an integration strategy for lesson planning. Teachers will demonstrate the Computational Thinking concepts by modifying existing Math or Science lessons to demonstrate their understanding of the integration strategies for each pillar (Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction, Algorithmic Design).

The course consists of six modules focusing on the following:

  1. Introduction of Computational Thinking
  2. Decomposition
  3. Pattern Matching
  4. Abstraction
  5. Algorithms.
  6. Final CT integration project


  • Dr. Shannon Thissen


Tues. January 10 | 8–10 am | Canvas Time
Tues. January 10 | 4–5 pm | Zoom

Tues. January 17 | 8–10 am | Canvas Time
Tues. January 17 | 4–5 pm | Zoom

Tues. January 24 | 8–10 am | Canvas Time
Tues. January 24 | 4–5 pm | Zoom

Tues. January 31 | 8–10 am | Canvas Time
Tues. January 31 | 4–5 pm | Zoom

Tues. February 7 | 8–10 am | Canvas Time
Tues. February 7 | 4–5 pm | Zoom

Clock Hours: 15

Fee: $45

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