Developing Number Concepts

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Understanding the Critical Learning Phases



This  3-day workshop focuses K-2 teachers on ways to help children develop understanding and competence with counting, number relationships, addition, subtraction, and place value.

Participants engage in activities that provide children with the appropriate practice with these concepts while learning how to select and introduce activities and materials to help students develop an understanding of mathematical concepts. Assessing students’ understanding is addressed throughout the course. Participants also learn to create a positive learning environment in their classrooms.

All participants will receive:

Developing Number Concepts
3 Part Series and Guide
by Kathy Richardson
Grades: K-3

These books present a complete number curriculum for kindergarten through third grade classrooms. They are clearly written and each book provides simple but meaningful activities which give students repeated math experiences. These books present an approach based on years of research by the author on how children learn. They are a must for K-3 teachers of mathematics to meet the needs of all their students.

Each chapter of each book includes:

• What you need to know about…
• Chapter Overview
• Goals for Children’s Learning
• Analyzing and Assessing Children’s Needs
• Classroom Scenes
• About the Activities
• Teacher Directed Activities
• Independent Activities
• Blackline Masters

Book 1: Counting, Comparing, and Pattern    Item No: 9-00584Z
Book 2: Addition and Subtraction     
Item No: 9-00592Z
Book 3: Place Value, Multiplication, and Division     
Item No: 9-00606Z
Planning Guides: The Planning Guides
includes comprehensive year-long teaching plans along with classroom management ideas.  Item No: 9-59244Z

This training is provided by Math Perspectives.


Kerri Blankenship
Karen Croteau


Tuesday, June 21 2022 | 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM | ESD 113- Chehalis A/B
Wednesday, June 22 2022 | 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM | ESD 113- Chehalis A/B
Thursday, June 23 2022 | 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM | ESD 113- Chehalis A/B

Capital Region ESD 113
6005 Tyee Dr SW Tumwater WA 98512

Cost: $475.00

Clock Hours: 18

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