Increasing Inclusion of LGBTQ Youth in Schools

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Increasing Inclusion of LGBTQ Youth in Schools



During this interactive online webinar, we will discuss why LGBTQ+ youth need support in school systems and their communities, describe more inclusive policies and practices for LGBTQ+ students, explain teaching and curriculum strategies for sexual health education inclusive of LGBTQ+ students, and share resources both in and out of school to support the unique needs of LGBTQ+ students. Please bring your questions and concerns so we can learn from each other!

By the end of today’s session, participants will be able to:
•Explain why LGBTQ youth need support
•Describe more inclusive policies and practices for LGBTQ students
•Explain teaching and curriculum strategies for instruction inclusive of LGBTQ students
•Discuss resources both in and out of school for LGBTQ students

Event Notes

Brett Niessen is adjunct faculty teaching graduate MPH students in University of Washington’s School of Public Health, a senior health educator at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and an independent consultant working with school districts to implement sexual health education curricula. As a consultant, Brett has trained graduate students in LGBTQ inclusive medical care and social work and teachers about the intersection of students with disabilities and LGBTQ identities. He was a training manager at the nonprofit Cardea Services, where he provided training and technical assistance to school districts and community-based programs on LGBTQ and disability inclusion, teen pregnancy, HIV/STD prevention, and healthy relationships and developed continuing medical and nursing education. He also worked at Public Health – Seattle & King County in the HIV/STD Program, serving as a project manager for marketing campaigns in cooperation with several community‑based agencies, and in the Family Planning Program, as a teacher trainer, curriculum writer, and youth development specialist. Previously, he worked at I-TECH (writing medical in-service curriculum for doctors in Africa and Asia), was a middle school science teacher, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, where he trained health teachers. Brett holds a BS in elementary and special education.



Wed. March 8 | 3:30 – 5 pm

Attendance Hours: 1.5

Fee: Free