“Plug In” to HiCap Network

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August 2019–July 2020
8 am


Capital Region ESD 113 partners with districts to support efforts to design, implement, and sustain a continuum of quality highly capable services. ESD 113 supports administrators and teachers in understanding highly capable law and help with the development of enhanced learning programs for district staff and students.


  • Dates: Network activities run August 2019–July 2020.
  • Cost: $2,500 annual fee
  • Reserve Your Space: To authorize an invoice and express your intent to participate in2019–20, email Russell Rice
    • Your name
    • Authorized contact person
    • Phone number
    • Email address

On-Site Consultation

The ESD Coordinator will visit each district for one full-day or two half-days to offer support for administrators, educators, and/or multi-disciplinary teams.
Discussions or professional learning could include best practices to serve highly capable students in the classroom, program assessment, cluster grouping guidance, differentiation approaches and tools for HiCap, etc. ($1,600 value)

Regional Roundtables by County

Twice each year, the ESD will host a half-day roundtable for administrators and educators in your county (Mason, Lewis, Thurston, Grays Harbor/Pacific). Topics will be targeted and based upon regional data and need, designed to support student growth and engagement in the classroom. (up to $500 value)

Educator Institute

The ESD will coordinate at least one day of professional learning per school year, gathering regional and national experts in differentiation, highly capable, and
gifted/talented. Topics and speakers will be determined by the input of network member districts. Each member will have five free seats at each institute free of charge. (up to $1,500 value)

“HiCap Academy” 101 and 201

These half-day trainings allow teachers to experience an introduction to and deeper dive into topics and strategies every educator needs to know about hicap and advanced learners. (up to $1,000 value)

And more …

Coordinator/director meetings to support the ongoing development of quality programs in ESD 113 districts. Development of online supports and professional learning opportunities. Annual “Success Summit” for district representatives to share successes, challenges, and solutions.


  • Jen Flo, ESD 113 Regional Administrator
  • Advanced Learning and Teacher Support
  • ESD 113 Teaching and Learning Department