The Neuroscience of Social-Emotional Learning & Resilience

Explore the neuroscience of SEL and resilience!



Neuroscientists have uncovered insights into how the human brain functions, particularly regarding resilience. As we navigate through the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s evident that students’ brains are undergoing significant rewiring. This three-day institute offers educators and district teams an opportunity to explore the neuroscience of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & Resilience and understand the intricate connection between learning, belonging, and academic achievement

Delve into the latest research findings and walk away with practical, brain-informed strategies that can be implemented immediately to enhance student learning experiences, foster inclusive learning environments, and nurture a stronger sense of belonging among students. During this immersive course, administrators and educators will:

  • Experience a brain-informed pedagogical model that is central to critical understanding of areas of connection, comprehension, and affective engagement
  • Explore how neuroscience-informed strategies can be directly applied in educational settings to promote student engagement, participation, and academic success.
  • Delve into the neural mechanisms underlying resilience and emotional regulation through collaborative inquiry, fostering a deeper understanding of how these processes impact academic outcomes.
  • Explore Open Education STEM and Equity resources firsthand, providing educators with valuable tools and materials to enhance classroom instruction.
  • Develop actionable plans to integrate SEL & Resilience research into teaching practices and student support systems, ensuring that academic outcomes are enhanced through neuro-scientific principles.
  • Implement universally designed practices, ensuring educational experiences are accessible and beneficial for all students, regardless of individual learning needs or abilities.


When: August 8–10 | 9 am–4 pm

Where: Capital Region ESD 113 | 6005 Tyee Dr SW, Tumwater, WA 98512

Cost: $599.00


  • Jen Flo | Regional Administrator, Advanced Learning, Educator and System Support, Capital Region ESD 113
  • Neural Ed Team |