Think Like a Literary Scholar

Diverse people with books in their hands

Beginning October 4, 2021 



Curriculum alone is not able to address the needs of all learners. For students with high potential or advanced learning abilities, educators need access to advanced curricular strategies and instructional practices to help students develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and habits of mind as disciplinarians. Participants in each module will meet twice monthly for two months, capped off with an institute featuring a notable scholar in each of the disciplines.

As a literary scholar, we want students to be able to comprehend and create literary pieces across many genres.  Will they understand how new information influences their perceptions? What information can be gained from varying perspectives? How can developing critical literary skills provide students with opportunities to seek experiences to expand their knowledge and see themselves as literary scholars producing meaningful and real work in the literary field?

Teachers attending this series will be exposed to advanced teaching and instructional practices to look at those topics and acquire strategies for adapting curriculum to deepen student learning.


Jen Flo & Cheryl Vance


Dates and times:

October 4 | 3:30–5 pm

October 18 | 3:30–5 pm

November 1 | 3:30–5 pm

November 15 | 3:30–5 pm

December 6 | 12–4 pm

Location: Zoom

Cost: $20

Is your district part of the Advanced Learning Network?  Contact Jen Flo, [email protected], for a coupon for registration.  Are you an ELA Fellow?  Contact Cheryl Vance, [email protected], for a coupon for registration.