Unpacking Coordinated Recruitment & Enrollment in Early Learning

Early Learning student reading a book

A Conversation about CRE in Early Learning Programs



Coordinated recruitment and enrollment (CRE) for early care and education programs allows more families from a particular area to enroll in the program that best meets their needs. Coordinated recruitment and enrollment processes engage multiple early care and education providers within communities, including Head Start, ECEAP, Child Care Centers, Family Homes, and school district programs for 3-5 year olds, to develop strategies to assist families in the registration process and help build a unified system of early childhood education in order to maximize the use of available programs in a geographic area.

This event will begin with a 30 minute Social Start to connect and identify who our local partners might be in CRE.  We will then engage in conversation to collectively unpack what CRE is and what it can look like in communities.


Kerri Blankenship
Josie Komorowski


This is a fantastic opportunity for early learning leaders from across the region to:

  • Develop a common definition for CRE
  • Explore multiple models of CRE
  • Importance of building/repairing relational trust
  • Discuss strategies such as:
    • single application
    • similar enrollment processes and eligibility coordination
    • universal developmental screening
    • family-friendly registration activities
    • coordinated information campaigns
    • matching families to services based on need and preference
    • regular and ongoing coordination meetings
    • shared wait-listing
    • Interagency Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)/Local Education Agreements (LEAs)

Date & Time

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 | 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Cost: FREE

Contact: Dianna Avery | [email protected]