Washington Science Teachers Association Fall Conference

People at a professional conference

Annual Science Education Conference



Ensuring Equitable Science Learning for All. #MeetUsInChehalis to share in our in-person professional learning and networking experience!


ESD 113 Presenter: Scott Killough, Regional Science Administrator

  • Engaging in Argument from Evidence | An immersive experience with the NGSS Practices of Analyzing Data and Engaging in Argument from Evidence. Participants will analyze real-world data in an effort to craft their initial argument. They will then engage in a Critical Friends Protocol to successfully conduct a whole-group Argument from Evidence.
  • Engaging with Models and Student Explanations | An immersive experience with the NGSS Practices of Models and Student Explanations to make sense of the phenomena of an earthquake generating a Tsunami.
    1. Creating authentic NGSS Models
    2. Sense-making through the use of models
    3. Crafting an explanation based on evidence


Location: WF West High School: 342 SW 16th Street, Chehalis, Washington 98532

Date and Time: October 21 |  8:00 am–5:30 pm

Early-bird Cost: $175


See the full conference agenda here.