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In Washington state, computing jobs are in high demand. That's why our state adopted learning standards that integrate technology into all content areas, the 2018 Computer Science Standards, and 2018 Educational Technology Standards.

We help teachers grow into roles of leadership and make meaning of the standards, best practices, and integration strategies to use with students. This work is challenging and complex. Understanding that things change rapidly with technology integration, we provide professional learning that increases understanding and encourages collaboration with other leaders across our region and state.

Course Offerings

Projects-Based Learning: Part 1
Projects-Based learning: Part 2
Google 101: Introduction to G-Suite (Docs, Slides, Forms)
Google 102: Deeper Understanding of the G-Suite Apps (Drive, Drawings)
Google 103
Google 104
Google Classroom
Integration of Technology: Chromebook Classroom
Computational Thinking: A Deep Dive into the Washington State Computer Science and Educational Technology Standards
Capital Region Computer Science Network
Introduction to K-5 STEM
Introduction to 6-8 STEM
Introduction to the Washington State Computer Science Standards
Introduction to the Washington State Educational Technology Standards
Technology Integration 101: Seeing is Believing – What does it look like in the classroom?
The SCRIPT: Strategic Planning Tool for School Districts: Training and Follow-Up
Powerful Classroom Technology Resources to Support Student Growth (a content-based series)
Gamification: The Teacher, in the Classroom, with the Device
Connecting Student Engagement to Adult Learning
Escape the ESD: An Interactive Professional Learning Experience


We're eager to help you integrate Digital Learning into your daily instruction. Pricing of the following plans depends on district FTE and level selected.


Access to:

  • 50% off registration of professional learning hosted through Digital Learning
  • Online professional learning
  • Reduced rate for in-district support
  • Leadership networks
  •, which includes teacher and student use of InfoBase Learning - Learn360 plus Classroom Video, Digital interactives, Audio, Maps, Science Experiments, Diagrams, Fact Sheets, Math Activities, and Encyclopedia; ProQuest Database; Culture Grams; eLibrary; History Study Center; ProQuest Learning Literature; and SIRS Discoverer


Access to all in Silver level, plus:

  • IRIS awareness, support, and Regional Film Club (or hosting your own)
  • Reduced rate for in-district professional learning
  • Free face-to-face and online professional learning hosted through Digital Learning for all staff
  • Free registration for any Digital Learning summit(s) hosted by ESD 113 for all staff


Access to all in Silver & Gold levels, plus support to develop and implement an individualized district digital learning integration plan that includes:

  • Facilitated self-assessment with follow-up Digital Learning integration analysis
  • Customized Digital Learning professional development
  • Classroom support
  • Support and training for a customized Digital Learning summit or celebration for students, parents, community, and educators
  • Communication planning and implementation
  • Year-end review of results

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