Science Curriculum

teacher and students with jars on a table


Every child deserves a high-quality field-tested science curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Our STEM Network provides K–8 students with hands-on, student-centered science instruction using a curriculum that is vertically and horizontally aligned. That means students build on their knowledge from the previous year.

We’ve partnered with the Timberland Regional Library and Pacific Education Institute to supplement the program.


  • The ESD takes care of all purchasing and delivery, allowing teachers spend more time teaching science and less time managing materials.
  • We provide ongoing professional development throughout the school year at sub-regional locations, so teachers don’t have far to travel.
  • We also host virtual online meetings, which eliminates the need for districts to pay for travel and substitutes.


  • By pooling resources, districts in the STEM Network have access to more materials and training than they would on their own, at a better price.
  • We train all new-to-grade-level and new-to-profession teachers every year, at no additional cost.
  • We also include training in STEM-related topics to the materials and support for regional Professional Learning Communities.

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