Fiscal Services

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The state provides limited funding to ESDs to help state agencies and school districts prepare, review, and collect required financial reports. Our support gives school districts confidence in the quality of the financial reports they provide to the legislature and their community.


We help schools:

  • Interpret laws and regulations on school finance.
  • Interpret the Accounting Manual for School Districts.
  • Interpret OSPI financial bulletins and memoranda.
  • Interpret the Administrative, Budgeting, and Financial Reporting Policies and Procedures Handbook.
  • Plan and monitor long- and short-term cash flow, including debt service.
  • Review and approve annual budget and financial statements.
  • Prepare Special Education Safety Net applications.
  • Review and compare financial and management practice.

Report Processing

We help schools with:

  • Student enrollment eligibility, counting, and reporting timelines.
  • Budget planning, estimating, hearing procedure, and reporting timelines.
  • Monthly and annual financial statement reporting procedures and timelines.
  • Personnel reporting procedures and timelines.
  • Applications for basic education funding eligibility reporting procedures and timelines.
  • K–3 class-size funding.

Business Services

School districts contract with us for:

  • Business management.
  • Budget consulting and development.
  • Year-end closing.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Payroll.

Regional Committee

The Regional Committee is a group of citizens who volunteer to help school districts:

  • Transfer territory from one district to another.
  • Dissolve or annex a school district.
  • Resolve issues related to capital fund aid by non-high districts.
  • Maintain a full and correct transcript of our region's school district boundaries.
  • Change the boundaries of school director districts.

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