Unemployment Insurance Cooperative

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Unemployment benefits help workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are not based on financial need. Thirty-nine districts within Capital Region ESD 113 belong to the Unemployment Cooperative, which provides these benefits to its members.


We base premiums on two components:

  1. Claims and administration budget.
  2. Member experience factor, based upon a member’s own claim expenses.

The 2021–22 base rate is $0.0031 per taxable wage dollar. Individual district rates vary due to their specific experience factor. District rate = Base Rate x Experience Modification Factor.


Employers Unity, the Cooperative’s third party administrator (TPA), manages, and adjudicates all unemployment claims. Employers Unity:

  • Responds to initial filings.
  • Files appeals when appropriate.
  • Prepares and manages the hearing process.

Claims contact:
Sandra Sinift
ext. 2918

Executive Advisory Committee

Ms. Jeanie Beebe, Director of Finance and Operations, Hood Canal School District, Mason County
Mr. Rick Serns, Superintendent, Boistfort School District, Lewis County
Mr. Rich Staley, Superintendent, Oakville School District, Grays Harbor County
Ms. Jon Tienhaara, Superintendent, South Bend School District, Pacific County
Mr. Brian Wharton, Superintendent, Yelm Community Schools, Thurston County


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