Behavioral Health Support

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We believe every young person has a chance for a better life. We reduce barriers to success and make it easier for school-age students and their families to access comprehensive behavioral health services. Our True North Student Assistance and Treatment Services program is certified by the Washington State Department of Health to provide outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment.

Our Mission

True North makes a difference by:

  • Guiding students, families, and schools through difficult choices and decisions regarding violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues.
  • Enriching our school districts by working together to create safe and drug-free environments for learning and teaching.
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of mental well-being to build strong systems of support.
  • Raising awareness of the harmful effects of substance abuse for students, families, schools, businesses, and communities.

What We Provide

  • Prevention - Help for students and families to make healthy choices.
  • Intervention - Formal response to behavioral health disorders that leads to better choices and behaviors.
  • Treatment - Structured and individualized process guided by a plan to address addiction.
  • Recovery Support - Ongoing help, reinforcement, and case management for youth who are attempting to maintain a recovery lifestyle.

Our Goal

True North helps students make the connection between risky behavior and negative outcomes. Our goal is to create a climate that allows students to:

  • Discover current behaviors that may be harmful.
  • Explore a variety of scenarios and options.
  • Experience success in life decisions.

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