Comprehensive School Safety

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Comprehensive School Safety

Contact: Dan Beaudoin, Comprehensive School Safety Coordinator
[email protected] | 360-464-6868


  • Support for comprehensive school safety planning, otherwise referred to as emergency operations planning (EOP).
  • Provide support for school district development and implementation of comprehensive safe school planning under RCW 28A.320.125.
  • Assist in ICS/NIMS training for school administration in collaboration with emergency management as needed.
  • Build partnerships with community partners (such as emergency responders, and law enforcement agencies), for the purpose of implementing comprehensive safe school planning.
  • Work with districts to assist in the develop of their skills and readiness to respond when emergencies occur.
  • Contribute, inform, and support implementation of the “safety and security staff training program" per HB 1214 (2021). This includes collaborating across the ESD Network to inform the content, design, delivery, and documentation of training opportunities for School Resource Officers and School Safety and Security Staff.


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 Erin Wick
Executive Director, Integrated Student Support – Intervention, Prevention, Treatment and Wellness


 Dan Beaudoin
Comprehensive School Safety Coordinator