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Ensuring staff and facility safety is not only a legal requirement but also a moral and practical necessity for schools. It contributes to a positive educational environment, supports staff well-being, and helps schools fulfill their mission of providing a safe and effective learning environment for students.


We provide the following services to help you meet AHERA requirements:

  • Building inspection schedule. Our asbestos team notifies districts when inspection is due and schedules inspections.
  • Initial and re-inspections. We are federally certified to perform your buildings' inspections to meet all mandates.
  • Asbestos sampling. Our trained and certified staff perform sampling in buildings that need further testing.
  • Asbestos management plan updates. We write and provide updates to your existing asbestos plans and inspection records.
  • Workshops and trainings. We provide training to ensure district asbestos contact persons maintain required training hours.
  • A *NO FEE inspection service of the ESD 113 Workers’ Compensation Trust. We provide the Asbestos Inspection Program to our member districts.
    *Lab sampling and printing fees do apply.

The 1986 Federal Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires every school district to:

  • inspect and certify the condition of asbestos in their schools every three years,
  • identify a designated asbestos person responsible for asbestos-related matters in that school,
  • maintain accurate records and notebooks of asbestos inspections and surveys,
  • complete asbestos surveillance every six months,
  • provide a yearly assessment of asbestos conditions and
  • provide staff training as designated by AHERA.


Help the work station fit the employee with an Ergonomic Evaluation Assessment. Workplace ergonomic evaluations help employers recognize ergonomic hazards caused by workplace layout or design. A proper workplace set up can help to reduce employee fatigue, stress and injury. Support a new employee with their initial set up or help improve a seasoned employee’s existing space.

Ergonomic assessments typically take 15 to 30 minutes. The most common evaluations done in the school district setting are with employees who work in a desk setting with a computer and bus drivers.

Employees in need of an ergonomic evaluation should contact their supervisor to schedule and assessment with the Workers’ Comp Trust Safety Team.


Tell Me What You SAW

Safety and Health Policies

A safe workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Employers must:

  • Inform employees of safety standards
  • Provide safety training
  • Eliminate or reduce hazards
  • Supply personal protective equipment


Be aware of the safety issues and potential hazards to yourself and others in the workplace. Look for and repair or clean up tripping hazards. Provide step stools for safe climbing. Be aware of your surroundings.

Walk Through to See the Hazards

A safety awareness walk through helps you find and fix the dangers in your school environment. You will use a checklist pertinent to your unique setting to identify hazards.

With a strong safety awareness sense you become a better and safer employer and employee.

Make a powerful impact in your school district with a Safety Awareness Walk through and tell me what you SAW! Contact the Workers' Compensation Safety Team to schedule a walkthrough.


We accept Employee Safety Incentive Grant applications every year, from October to December each year. We announce recipients in February or March.

Any Workers Compensation trust school district who did not receive a grant in the previous year cycle may apply. Districts may apply for up to $5,000.

To apply, complete and submit an online grant application. Applicants must upload supporting documentation outlined in the instructions.

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