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The Washington State Legislature established the School Nurse Corps (SNC) in 1999. The program helps children, especially those in small, rural school districts, stay healthy. Since its founding, the SNC has focused on providing these two essential services:

  1. Health care equity: Registered nursing in small, rural school districts with direct care, health education and training for school staff
  2. Regionalized service: School health consultation, professional development, mentoring, and resources from a nurse administrator in each of Washington’s nine educational service districts

Without SNC, many children in the state would not have access to a school nurse. Students with asthma, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions now have access to an RN to assist in managing health issues. SNC provides life-saving interventions and ongoing training and supervision.

Why School Nurse Corps?

Better Educational Outcomes

The Washington State Legislature conducted a survey of our state’s 295 school districts in 1997. It identified that when students health care needs and safety risks are addressed and managed, absenteeism decreases. Students are more successful and graduation rates are higher when they are able to attend school.

A Wise Investment

A 2014 cost-benefit study of school nursing services proposes that society gains $2.20 for every dollar invested in school nurses.

Award-Winning Service

In 2013, the Washington State School Nurse Corps received the prestigious Featherstone Reid Award. This award recognizes exceptional quality and value in the delivery of health services. Through innovative design and commitment to equity SNC is able to serve all public school students across our state.


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