Highly Capable

  • The Mission: the mission of the Highly Capable Program is to find and nurture talent in students by providing and supporting opportunities for them to pursue their interests at an appropriate pace and level of complexity and regular opportunities to work with students of similar abilities.

    Here are some highlights of the revised WAC 392-170.
    • Each school district receives a funding allocation from OSPI to develop a highly capable program.
    • The “most highly capable students” should be identified and then programs and services are designed to meet their needs.
    • Funding for highly capable programs is now part of Basic Education. Two major implications are that “most highly capable students” must be identified K-12 and a continuum of services must be offered during the school day. 
    Districts apply for funds through iGrants Form Package 217. School Districts with less than 2000 students complete an abbreviated iGrants process.

    It is the goal of the Highly Capable Program at Capital Region ESD 113 to support administrators and teachers in the understanding of this revised law and assist with the development of enhanced learning programs that allow our students to exceed in their targeted areas.