ESD 113 Deputy Superintendent Announces Retirement

Cal Brodie

Calvin W. Brodie has been a tremendous addition to our ESD community.

TUMWATER – June 15, 2022 – It is with gratitude for 11 years of service that Capital Region ESD 113 announces the retirement of Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations Calvin W. Brodie, effective October 1, 2022.

Brodie joined the ESD in 2011 after working for 14 years at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. During his time at OSPI, he guided the implementation of the prototypical model for Washington’s K–12 funding. This model has provided transparency that has allowed K–12 to advocate with the legislature to improve education funding. And among his numerous accomplishments at ESD 113, he created and implemented a multi-year plan to pay off the Tyee site building bond ten years early. This has resulted in a cost savings of $1 million.

Brodie is known for his storytelling and his love of public speaking. He can break down complicated financial concepts, engaging his audience and increasing understanding. He is also good at thinking on his feet. One of his favorite professional memories is presenting on stage at a statewide conference, taking a phone call from the Governor’s office, and pivoting to a new message on the fly.

Brodie has been a tremendous addition to our ESD community. His wealth of experience, background in auditing, and prior work in state-level leadership have significantly advanced the value of our ESD within our region and across the state. He is a dynamic, engaging, and authentic human being. He asks the hard questions but does it in a way that maintains relationships. He pushes others to grow without creating resentment. He is clear about what success looks like and helps others see it for themselves. 

ESD 113 is actively recruiting for a new Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations. We are committed to closing gaps, growing people, influencing change, and eradicating racism through our service to our region and state. BIPOC and culturally and linguistically diverse candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Fast Facts

  • Cal Brodie’s career began in Boston in 1983. He moved to Seattle in 1985.
  • He began state service in 1991 at the Washington State Auditor’s Office. He moved to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1997.
  • While at OSPI, he worked with colleagues, Legislative staff and workgroups, and contractors to explore options for defining a complete overhaul of the state funding formula in response to the McCleary lawsuit.
  • Brodie began working at ESD 113 in 2011. He created and implemented a multi-year plan to pay off the ESD’s Tyee site building bond ten years early, resulting in a cost savings of $1 million.


  • “Working within K–12 and the ESDs has been a tremendously rewarding experience. I truly treasure all my colleagues and the experiences we have gone through. My colleagues were a wonderfully diverse group, but our focus and hearts have always been about improving K–12 for the students and communities we serve.” — Calvin W. Brodie, Deputy Superintendent 
  • “I am going to miss Cal. His voice, perspective, and friendship have helped me to grow. I am a better person because of the years we have spent together. I know his wide array of interests will now have more of his time, and I am excited to hear the stories that emerge from the next chapter of his life.” — Dr. Dana Anderson, Superintendent