ESD 113 Districts Welcome the Next Generation of Skyward: Qmlativ

CRISC staff around a computer

The Capital Region Information Service Center (CRISC) is facilitating the transition to
Skyward’s latest evolution.

What Is Qmlativ?

Qmlativ is the latest evolution of Skyward’s Education Management System. The application provides student and finance support for district and school operations. Qmlativ allows for unique personalization for users, including:

  • Live tiles or charts
  • Logical navigation
  • Intelligent search capabilities

More than 30 Washington districts are piloting Qmlative in the 2019—20 school year. Eight regional districts, schools, and programs are participating in CRISC’s first Qmlative cohort:

  • Chief Leschi Schools
  • ESD 113
  • Evaline
  • Pe Ell
  • Boistfort
  • Wa He Lut Indian School
  • Muckleshoot Tribal School
  • Olympic Academy

What’s Next?

CRISC will coordinate districts’ transition to Qmlative during the next several years. For now, the focus is on fine-tuning the application for users.

CRISC and WSIPC are gathering data from the cohort to improve the user experience. These data serve to enhance implementation, training, and support processes for future users. Additionally, the cohort is building a library of common reports to benefit the next cohort.

Who Is in the Next Cohort?

The CRISC team is evaluating data to determine the next cohort group based on:

  • Similar geography
  • Future use needs
  • Compatibility

For more information, contact Stephanie Griffiths at 360-464-6769 or [email protected].