ESD 113 Hosts 2024 WASA 113 Awards

Attendees at the WASA 113 awards ceremony clap for an awardee


Attendees from around the region gathered on May 22 for the 2024 WASA 113 Awards. We honored more than 20 students, staff, and community leaders for their extraordinary contributions to K–12 education. This year’s awardees represented 12 districts across Gray Harbor, Lewis, Mason, and Thurston counties.

ESD 113 Superintendent Flip Herndon was one of six honorees recognized with a 20-year award. We also celebrated retirees Dr. Deb Clemens (North Thurston Public Schools) and Susan Gifford (Olympia School District). The community and student leaders honored at the WASA 113 awards inspire us all to continue our collective work toward creating school communities where all students can thrive.

Our 2024 WASA 113 Award recipients are:

Award of Merit

  • Dr. Deb Clemens, North Thurston Public Schools
  • Rich Staley, Oakville School District

Community Leadership Awards

  • Jim and Debi Holmes, REF, Rainier School District
  • Jeremy Plummer, Cosmopolis School District
  • Drew Phillips, Olympia Citizens for Schools, Olympia School District
  • Ryan Betz, Olympia Citizens for Schools, Olympia School District
  • Ginger Waite, Olympia Junior Programs, North Thurston Public Schools
  • Karen Edwards, Olympia Junior Programs, North Thurston Public Schools
  • Khurshida Begum, ASHHO Cultural & Community Center, Capital Region ESD 113
  • Jenny Collins, Chehalis Foundation, Chehalis School District
  • Terra Giannotti, McCleary School District
  • Katie Collette, Past President, Elma School District
  • Alisa Dietz, President, Elma School District

Student Leadership Awards

  • Christine Zhang, Olympia School District
  • Harrison Payne, Olympia School District

20-Year Awards

  • Jeff Davis, Pioneer School District
  • Dr. Sean Dotson, North Thurston Public Schools
  • Dr. Christine Moloney, Chehalis School District
  • Dr. Lisa Cadero-Smith, Yelm Community Schools
  • Dr. Flip Herndon, Capital Region ESD 113
  • Jill Pratt, Rochester School District
  • Scott Niemann, Olympia School District

Retirement Awards

  • Dr. Deb Clemens, North Thurston Public Schools
  • Susan Gifford, Olympia School District