Gravity Makes a Move in Lacey

Students working on school work at Gravity's new building

Meeting the needs of students goes beyond just what happens inside the classroom. Sometimes the classroom itself needs a refresher.

Or, in the case of Gravity Learning Centers, the whole building.

Gravity’s Lacey branch has moved into a new building in Olympia, about a mile away from their previous location.

“It’s a much nicer building than we had before,” says Director of Student Support and Engagement Jeff McCabe. “It’s a bit smaller, but it’s a lot more comfortable.

The new, two-story space provides classrooms, working areas, and a kitchen for the students and staff. Even the paint has been an upgrade over the previous site.

Students have responded well to the changes.

“I think the students notice the difference,” McCabe said. “Often, generally speaking, alternative programs get lower quality buildings or the last selection, or they take what they can get. It’s really nice for the students to have a nice, comfortable space they come to. We invest in this space, and they, in turn, feel like we’re investing in them as students.”

McCabe notes the move had its difficulties, but he’s ready to do it again. They hope to move the other Gravity locations into upgraded facilities in the future.

In the meantime, he would like to increase enrollment at the Lacey location now that they have a greater capacity to serve students.

“I look forward to giving the students across the five counties the same experience,” adds McCabe. “We want to make sure [students] are here, happy and comfortable, and have a nice place to be.”

The building is located at 3741 Griffin Lane SE in Olympia.