Regional NGSS/STEM Strategic Planning and Implementation

Kid conducting a science experiment

A partnership between Capital Region ESD 113 and Washington LASER


  • Build on our successful ESD–school district partnerships for elementary science kits.
  • Launch and establish a NEW, collaborative, science professional learning series for District Leadership Teams from all ESD 113 school districts.
  • Strengthen K-12 science/STEM programs via LASER strategic planning and implementation resources.

Session 1    

Tuesday, May 19 | 4:00 – 6:00 p.m

  • Audience: Administrative and teacher leadership teams across the ESD 113 region
  • Objective: Build awareness around:
    • Systems approach to strengthening a district’s K-12 Science/STEM program
    • Use of LASER leadership resources
    • LASER District Self-Assessment Tool (on LASER website)
  • Outcome: Form and mobilize district NGSS/STEM Leadership Teams

Sessions 2-3

Up to 10 hours (to be determined for each district team)

May/June: 2-hour Independent work sessions (up to 3 sessions to be determined by each district)

June: 2-hour whole group meeting, for all Capital Region ESD113 Leadership Teams

  • Audience: School district NGSS/STEM Leadership Teams
  • Objective: Update or complete “LASER District Self-Assessment for K–12 Science/STEM.” Map out action steps for short- and mid-term implementation
  • Outcome: All school district NGSS/STEM Leadership Teams complete progress checks


Lorie Thompson
ESD113 LASER Alliance Director

[email protected]