New AESD LMS Learning Resources

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Educators have worked hard over the past six months to rethink educational offerings and learning supports. The Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) LMS Solutions team is also working hard to provide timely, relevant, and ongoing supports to educators and they navigate teaching remotely using various Learning Management Systems (LMS). While over 9,000 educators participated in LMS professional learning in August and September, we know you need more support.

For educators: Through LMS 101 learning opportunities, there are several ways to access learning and support with the basics and “nuts and bolts” for each of the five primary LMS platforms (Canvas, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, Seesaw):

  • Live sessions
  • On-demand courses and videos
  • NEW! Weekly (expanded) Office Hours

To use/share with families and care providers: The AESD website has resources (including translated materials) to help families, child care providers, and community-based organizations with remote learning and navigating LMS platforms.

  •  School District resources – Resources for districts to use with families that include customizable PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes in 9 languages; and handouts with remote learning vocabulary and ways for families to support student learning remotely.
  • Family resources – Distance learning resources for families to create effective learning environments and to support student learning through LMS platforms.
  • Provider/Community-Based Organization resources – Resources and a short video to share with child care providers and community-based organizations supporting students with distance/remote learning.

If you are looking for higher-level implementation and strategies, we’re working on the next set of courses to support deeper learning, so stay tuned. More information about our LMS Solutions: Best Practices for Continuous Learning series will be coming the week of October 12.