Nutrition Cooperative

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What We Do

The Child Nutrition Cooperative works directly with school district food service personnel to offer training and support. We customize our services based on the needs of each district. The Nutrition Co-op services include but are not limited to:

  • Recipes – update, standardize, and credit current recipes. Introduce new recipes with an emphasis on whole foods and scratch cooking
  • Menu – assist in meeting meal pattern requirements and developing cycle menus
  • Production Records – create pre-filled production record templates for the cycle menu
  • Special Diets – work with parents, administrators, nurses, and food service staff to create a safe operating procedure for special dietary needs
  • Training – provide training to meet annual professional standards requirements; provide culinary training for school food service personnel
  • Grants – assist in locating and writing grant applications
  • Nutrition Education – support in providing additional resources to facilitate student education
  • Administrative Review – help preparing documentation for Administrative Reviews

Lacey, a school food service cook, smiles in front of a container of freshly-made beans School lunch signs posted in front of the warming table read "Benefits of plant-based school lunchs" Greg, a school food service cook, spreads sauce over a homemade dish

Who Are We?

Meredith Arseneau joined ESD 113 after a 15 year career in School Food Services. She began her career working for a local school district in 2007. During that time, she grew her knowledge and passion for feeding students healthy and nutritious meals. 

Meredith strives to serve and support students and food service staff. She continues to learn and share her passion with everyone she meets and looks forward to meeting you.
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Partnering Districts

Districts that currently partner with the Child Nutrition Co-op are:

Join Us

For details on joining this cooperative, interested districts should contact Meredith Arseneau by email ([email protected]) or by phone at 360-464-6724.

Contact Us

Meredith Arseneau
Team Nutrition Mentor