October Activities

Little boy smiles and holds up a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch

Button Spiders

Creepy spiders made from buttons, string, and pipe cleaners slither about pumpkins. The very idea is sure to make your skin crawl! Parents and children can do this together!

Thread red string through the holes of a large or medium-size black button in a crisscross pattern; knot or glue in the back to hold in place. Cut eight 1- to 2-inch lengths of black pipe cleaner and glue to the back of the button with hot glue with four on each side; shape into legs. Attach a smaller black button with hot glue to make a head. Repeat as desired. Attach a black string to the back of the larger button with hot glue and hang spider around a pumpkin stem or attach directly to a pumpkin with hot-glue or hand anywhere you think will maximize spider scares.

Pine Cone Décor

Welcome fall (and guests!) with a rustic door hanging. To make this elegant cluster go on an outdoor hunt to find 8 four- to six-inch pinecones and 8 two-foot-long pieces of silk ribbon. Glue the last two inches of each ribbon to the base of a cone. After the glue dries, collect all the ribbon ends and stagger them so that the cones fall at varying lengths. Tie the ribbon ends together in a knot, trim the tips so they are uniform, and slip the knot over a finishing nail.

These crafts are adapted from Country Living MagazineThis story was submitted by Mary Perkins for the Early Childhood Express Newsletter.