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  • Federal Law requires a thorough visual inspection of any asbestos containing school building occupied by student or staff every six months.

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  • The 1986 Federal Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires every school district to (1) inspect and certify the condition of asbestos in their schools every three years, (2) identify a designated asbestos person who is responsible for asbestos related matters in that school, (3) maintain accurate records and notebooks of asbestos inspections and surveys, (4) complete asbestos surveillance every six months, (5) provide a yearly assessment of asbestos conditions and (6) provide staff training as designated by AHERA.

    The Capital Region ESD 113 Asbestos Cooperative assists school districts in meeting each of the AHERA obligations though the following services:
    • Maintain building inspection schedule. Our Asbestos team will notify districts when inspection is due and work with district staff to schedule inspections. 
    • Perform Initial and Re-Inspections. We are federally certified to perform your buildings' inspections to meet all mandates as required by law.
    • Asbestos Sampling. Staff is trained and certified to perform sampling in buildings that require further testing.
    • Asbestos Management Plan Updates. We will write and provide updates to your existing asbestos plans and inspection records. 
    • Workshops and Trainings. We work with and provide training to our district asbestos contact persons to ensure they maintain required training hours.
    • A *NO FEE inspection service of the ESD 113 Workers’ Compensation Trust. The Asbestos Inspection Program is provided to our member districts as an added service to our members. *Lab sampling and printing fees do apply.
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    Robert (Bob) Pierce, ARM
    Safety & Health Administrator
    Asbestos Building Inspector Cert. # 1085
    AHERA Management Planner Cert. # 0322201307

    Jason Chu
    Safety & Health Specialist
    Asbestos Building Inspector Cert. # 168260
    AHERA Management Planner Cert. # 168391


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