Unemployment Cooperative

  • The Capital Region ESD 113 Unemployment Cooperative was formed on January 1,1978 for the purpose of providing unemployment compensation coverage to its members. As a true risk sharing pool, the members share the fortunes or misfortunes of claim filings for the entire pool membership.

    Premiums for the 2018/19 school year are based on two components: the claims and administration budget and the members experience factor, which is based upon a member’s own claim expenses. Due to a favorable claim trend the 2018/19 base rate has been reduced to $0.0013 per taxable wage dollar. Individual district rates vary due to their specific experience factor. District rate = Base Rate x Experience Modification Factor.

    All unemployment claims are managed and adjudicated by the Cooperative’s third party administrator (TPA), Employers Unity, whose specialty is in public educational employers. As acting TPA, they manage all aspects of claims including:

    • Respond to initial filing
    • File appeals when appropriate
    • Prepare and manage the hearing process

    Information on Reasonable Assurance

    Sample Reasonable Assurance letter

    If you receive a claim or have questions on a specific claim:
    Contact Tami CurciClaims Specialist, Employers Unity, LLC
    Phone: (720) 484-4826, Fax: (720) 484-4827

Executive Advisory Committee Members

  • Mr. Shawn Batstone, Superintendent, Hood Canal School District, Mason County
    Mr. James Forrest, Superintendent, Adna School District, Lewis County
    Mr. David Pickering, Superintendent, North River School District, Pacific County
    Mr. Rich Staley, Superintendent, Oakville School District, Grays Harbor County
    Mr. Brian Wharton, Superintendent, Yelm Community Schools, Thurston County



  • Claim:   Application for unemployment benefits filed by an individual separated from employment.

    Base Year:  First four of the last five completed quarters prior to the date the individual applied for benefits.

    Third Party Administrator (TPA):A business under contract to ESD 113 to process and manage/reconcile unemployment claims. 

    Benefit Year:  The 52-week period that begins when a person applies for benefits.

    Maximum Benefits PayableHow much an individual can receive in his/her benefit year.

    Weekly Benefit Amount:  How much the individual can draw each week.

    Reimbursable Employer:  Employers that pay dollar for dollar on all unemployment benefits paid to former employees.