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Cancellation Policy

Full refund if:

  • ESD 113 cancels the course/workshop.
  • Participant cancels more than 5 business days before the class starts.

Partial refund if:

  • Participants withdraw within five business days before the start of the event. Participant will receive a refund of the class fee minus a $15 service charge.

No refund if:

  • Participant withdraws the first day of the class or later.

The enrollment software (pdEnroller) issues a refund when enrollment is cancelled.

If you are not able to self-cancel from the class, contact the registrar or Clock Hours, 360-464-6700.

Clock Hours

Teachers in Washington may earn clock hours for approved classes and workshops. Clock hours cost a $5 registration fee + $3 per clock hour (example: 3 clock hours = $5 + $9 =$14). Teachers log into their accounts to print proof-of-clock-hour forms and official transcripts.

Capital Region ESD 113 is an approved clock hour provider. Agencies may apply to offer clock hours through us. Read more about the clock hour application process.


Districts have free access to the pdNorthwest system to register users and offer clock hours within their district. Each district has access to their own course catalog.

Contact us for information about offering clock hours.


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