RALLY News May 2021

Person holding both of clothing

Mason County Consortium

Evergreen College has a new Basic Needs Resource Center for students: https://www.evergreen.edu/care/basic-needs-center. Located in the College Activities Building, room 135, is the Basic Needs Center. It is accessible from the outside of the building, just across from the CRC. Students may make an appointment to visit the center and retrieve the following items at no cost:

  • Hygiene Items
  • Food Pantry & Shelf Stable Foods
  • Library Books
  • A Gender-Affirming Clothes Closet
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • and more!

All COVID-19 safety guidelines are followed in the space. The space is open every Monday and Friday, 3pm-6pm, during Spring 2021. The space will be open for Summer 2021, check back for hours!

Referrals For Other Needs

Students may make an appointment to receive guidance on referrals and advocacy for on-campus and off-campus resources, community services, and state support. AmeriCorp Vista Joni Upman is here to help. They will be on hand to support this effort through Summer 2021.

Similar to CARE, we review referrals with an eye toward community safety. If the information shared suggests a threat to individual or community safety, the request is reviewed by Evergreen’s Student Threat Assessment Team (Director, Police Services; Director, Student Rights & Responsibilities; Director, Wellness, Recreation & Athletics; and Vice Provost for Student & Academic Life). This team uses available information and a rubric to evaluate the potential threat to community safety and to take appropriate steps to mitigate that risk.

Lewis County Thrives – No updates

RALLY/STEM Board Meeting

  • The new GRAVITY Director will be Jeff McCabe, who will start his assignment on July 1.
  • PacMountain will be reopening per the governor’s guidelines, starting July 1. There will be bundled services, managed by a peer navigator for low-income individuals, including two new programs:
    • Basic Food Education Training (BFET) – this program works with SNAP recipients from Lewis, Mason and Thurston Counties on job training skills
    • Economic Security for All – WIOA funding supports those on SNAP and who are at or below the poverty line. This program starts July 1 with a goal to launch in all five counties.
  • Timberland Regional Library announced that the new West Olympia library will open June 1 at the Capital Mall. Two new mobile libraries are ready to provide library services to up to 110 communities throughout the region.
  • Evergreen College Basic Needs Center supports for new students who may be experiencing homelessness
  • Discover Evergreen event. Saturday, June 5, 2021
    • On Saturday 5 June 2021 faculty at The Evergreen State College will host a pop-up virtual open house that showcases what students can experience and accomplish in our learning communities. Along the way, you will encounter a few of the secret ingredients that have kept the College vital for 50 years. (The first classes were held on 4 October 1971.) By registering for this event you will get access to a website that represents the groundbreaking work that students and faculty have done together, including a special focus on the pandemic year. You can explore these materials at your leisure before, during, and after live Zoom visits with faculty, who will be present throughout the afternoon (and beyond) for conversation and discussion with you.  Discover Evergreen begins at noon with a 30-minute Zoom visit with faculty, who will show you how to use the website to learn more about the work that students and faculty do together at The Evergreen State College. You can explore this site at your leisure over the course of the afternoon. Then at 4pm, you are invited back to the Zoom room to chat with faculty and learn more about next steps.